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2017 3D Printing Gala in Ulsan

2017.09.14    14

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2017 3D Printing Gala in Ulsan

2017 3D Printing Gala in Ulsan
Held from Sept. 14 to 16 at UNIST
Under the theme of the Present and Future of Industrial 3D Printing
Exhibition and experience events, international seminar, DfAM competition, and the K-AMUG Association inaugural assembly to be held

Ulsan City holds a festival to expand the foundation and usage of industrial 3D printing for manufacturing process innovation.
From September 14 to 16, the Ulsan ICT Promotion Agency hosts the "2017 3D Printing Gala in Ulsan" under the theme of the present and future of industrial 3D printing around the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST).
The event consists of the booth exhibition of industrial 3D printing companies, 3D printing electric vehicle and drone experiences, an international seminar and a DfAM Competition, as well as the inaugural assembly meeting of the K-AMUG Association.
A total of 62 companies and organizations in the field of 3D printing materials, equipment, and software participated in the 3D printing industry exhibition, operating a total of 87 booths. In particular, the German 3D printer specialist, OR Laser, which currently has no branch offices in Korea, reveals its latest high-end printer to the public at this event as a part of its expansion strategy in Asia.
The UNIST pre-releases its latest 3D printing electric car and drone and provides a riding experience to 150 people every day.
The international seminar is held for establishing the strategies for the convergence of manufacturing and 3D printing, domestic and overseas information exchange and cooperation.
This seminar is hosted by Professor Kim Nam-hun, the representative of the UNIST 3D Printing Technology Development Center and attended by Dr. Kamran Mumtaz, professor of 3D printing at the University of Sheffield, of the UK, and Chris Conrardy, CTO and Vice President at EWI, of the US.
The DfAM Competition is Korea's first competition in the field and held for the convergence development of 3D printing and the manufacturing industry.
DfAM stands for Design for Additive Manufacturing (3D printing design), which means a design suitable for the additive manufacturing method.
DfAM is a key tool in the 3D printing industry as an innovative design method that maximizes the advantages of 3D printing methods that are different from traditional manufacturing methods.
Qualifiers are currently competing in the finals where their 3D printing works are evaluated. The awards ceremony is held immediately after the opening ceremony on September 15, and the winning works will be announced during the gala event.
The K-AMUG Association's inaugural assembly meeting is attended by 150 experts and users in the 3D printing field to expand the foundation of the industry.
The association's secretariat is established in Ulsan, and it is expected to contribute to the innovation of manufacturing processes in mainstream industries through the development of technologies related to 3D printing, the revitalization of business start-ups based on information and human exchange, and the development of industrial business models.
An official of Ulsan city said, "We will focus all administrative power so that Ulsan's major industries, which have recently been mired in a crisis, will gain vitality through convergence with 3D printing, and Ulsan will effectively emerge as a hub of the 3D printing convergence industry."
Meanwhile, Ulsan City has selected the 3D printing industry as a regional strategic industry and until now, it has supported 12 projects with a budget of KRW 113.3 billion in order to establish a comprehensive technological foundation including the development of original technologies such as environmentally-friendly vehicles, shipbuilding, bio technology, quality control and manpower cultivation. It has also promoted the establishment of a national 3D printing research institute.
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