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All Sections of Auto valley-ro Completed and Opened

2017.09.26    30

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All Sections of Auto valley-ro Completed and Opened
Completion Ceremony for the Last Two Sections of 16-Year Construction Project on September 22
12.46-km-long and 30-m-wide road connecting Hyundai Motor Company Releasing Center and Jungsan IC
Expected to Contribute to Reducing Logistics Costs and Strengthening Corporate Competitiveness by Decreasing Traffic on Saneop-ro

All sections of the entrance road to the Ulsan Mipo National Industrial Complex are fully opened, after 16 years of construction.
A completion ceremony for the last two sections of Auto valley-ro was held at 4:30 pm on September 22 at Hwabong IC, attended by more than 500 people including Mayor Kim Gi-hyeon, construction company officials and local residents.
Auto valley-ro has been built with a total budget of KRW 310 billion, as a 12.46-km-long and 30-m-wide road divided into three sections connecting Yeompo-ro (Hyundai Motor Company Releasing Center) and Jungsan IC. The construction was started in 2001 and all sections have recently been completed and opened on that day.
The construction of Section 1 (Yeompo-ro to Yeonam IC, L = 2.5 km) was started in 2001 and completed in 2005 and that of Section 3 (Nongso 2 IC to Jungsan IC, L = 2.96 km), was started in 2002 and completed in 2007.
Section 2-1 (Yeonam IC to Hwabong IC, L = 1.5 km) was started in 2003 and completed in 2011.
The construction of Section 2-2 (Hwabong IC to Songjeong IC, L = 1.5km, LH enforcement section) and Section 2-3 (Songjeong IC to Nongso 2, L=4.0 km) began in 2008 and 2013, respectively, and have recently been completed, concluding the 16-year construction project.
The opening of Auto valley-ro will shorten the travel time from the previous 30 minutes from Hyundai Motor Company to Jungsan IC through the existing Saneop-ro to 15 minutes or less (at a driving speed of 70 km).
An official of Ulsan City said, "Auto valley-ro will reduce logistics costs and enhance corporate competitiveness by enabling smooth transportation of industrial goods, while also reducing the commuting time of workers and providing safer road environment conditions for drivers. I expect that it will serve as another new growth engine for Ulsan."
On the other hand, although Ulsan opened the Auto valley-ro as an inner city circular road linked to Okdong-Nongso road and others, according to recent survey results, the road is also used by many motorcycle and bicycle riders and pedestrians. Therefore, it plans to temporarily operate it as a general road.
Ulsan originally had planned to use the space outside the guardrails of the road as a bicycle/ pedestrian road. However, only 1.25 m of free space was left in the process of construction to maintain the minimum width of 3.25 m (one lane) required for the speed limit (70 km); the plan to form a bicycle road was canceled. Regarding this, the city asked for the understanding of the citizens.
Ulsan plans to designate and operate Auto valley-ro as a motorway to maximize the functions of the road in the long term.
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