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Results of support for the polymer nano fusion material industry

2017.10.12    17

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Results of support for the polymer nano fusion material industry
An increase of 4 billion won in commercial sales over the past 5 years, an employment of 26 people
Use nano technology as platform technology for the 4th industry

Ulsan Metropolitan City reported that it has opened the 'polymer nano fusion material processing technology center’ at the Ulsan Technopark, which has been in development since December 2012, in order to enhance the structure of automobile, shipbuilding and chemical industries, which have been vital industries in Ulsan, and to secure a new growth engine industry, and that it is achieving various positive results such as an increase in commercial sales and the creation of jobs by focusing on the fostering of the nano fusion material industry.
The ‘polymer nano fusion material processing technology center’ is a project which is operated jointly with the Seoul National University as part of the project for constructing the『Polymer Nano Fusion Material Processing Technology Foundation』. Seoul National University has focused on polymer processing while the Ulsan Technopark has been particularly focused on nano fusion material. A total project cost of 2.3 billion won was spent for the past 5 years.
Ulsan Technopark constructed equipment for the processing, analysis, evaluation of nano fusion material and performed tasks of supporting technology for businesses by using foundation construction equipment and of providing support for commercialization and analytical evaluations.
As a result, nano fusion material companies in Ulsan achieved an increase of 4 billion won in sales; created jobs, employing 26 people; and installed 15 units of equipment over the past 5 years. The constructed equipment helped provide technical assistance and produced sample products for 50 companies concerning 110 cases.
In addition, the companies acquired 15 patents related to nano fusion materials and held 22 sessions of seminars and forums on information technology, contributing to the construction of a pool of experts in the nano fusion field in both Ulsan and nationwide, and to technological distribution.
In particular, to overcome problems in the nano technology area which could not have been resolved alone within the Ulsan area, Ulsan contributed to improving the competitiveness of the industry by resolving technological problems through cooperation between universities in other cities (Seoul National Univ. Ajou Univ., Hannam Univ.) and research institutes (Gyeongnam Technopark, Jeonnam Technopark) and by providing new concept technological support to businesses.
The CEO of Ulsan Technopark, Kim Chang-yong, stated that, over the past 5 years, Ulsan concentrated on the construction of equipment for the processing, analysis and evaluation of nano fusion materials through 『the construction of polymer nano fusion material processing technology foundation』, but in the coming years, it will apply the constructed equipment to the core industries of nano technology, for the promotion of R&D on fusion and to basic technology in the 4th industry.
An official of Ulsan city remarked, “We will do our utmost to secure nano infrastructure which is still somewhat underdeveloped. We will foster the nano fusion industry in Ulsan in order to revitalize the local industry and to realize the advancement of national base industries.”
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