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The masterpiece musical 「Oesol」as the grande finale to 2017

2017.12.20    15

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The masterpiece musical 「Oesol」as the grande finale to 2017

The masterpiece musical 「Oesol」as the grande finale to 2017
Participation of writer Han A-reum rated as the best playwright in Korea

Ulsan Metropolitan City held the Musical Oesol Production Presentation, jointly with producers and cast members, at the Press Center of Ulsan City Hall at 11 am on December 14 (Thu.).
The Musical ‘Oesol,’ which describes the life of Oesol Choi Hyun-bai who was a great Hangeul scholar from “a city of Hangeul” Ulsan, an educator, and nationalist, will be performed for Ulsan citizens through a renewed screenplay, music and direction, subsequently to the first presentation in 2015 and representation in 2016.
The performance will be held at the Grand Performance Hall of the Ulsan Culture Art Center at 19:30 on December 29 (Fri.) and at 19:00 on December 30 (Sat.).
‘Musical Oesol’ was created by writer Han A-reum, composer Hwang Ho-jun, and director Seo Jae-hyeong. It will present a relentless development of stories, touching music and splendid stage unique to the musical which were not experienced from the prior production of the musical.
This year's musical is the unfinished work of Ju Si-gyeong, who was a teacher of Oesol Choi Hyun-bai. While focusing on the process of compiling the 'Big Korean Dictionary,' which was the cherished wishes of Hangeul scholars, it describes a boy Choi Hyun-bai who used to read newspaper to neighbors, his youth years with an unbending will to keep Hangeul alive during the Japanese Occupation of Korea, and a turbulent process of compiling the 'Big Korean Dictionary' in the end after Korea's liberation from Japan.
We expect many Ulsan citizens and musical lovers will come to see the Musical ‘Oesol’ which will splendidly bring a grande finale to 2017.
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