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Continued Expansion of Convenience Facilities in Taehwagang Grand Park

2018.02.14    24

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Continued Expansion of Convenience Facilities in Taehwagang Grand Park
Expanded convenience facilities are being installed in Taehwagang Grand Park.

Ulsan Metropolitan City, in preparation for Taehwagang Grand Park's designation as a national garden, will construct additional thatch-roofed pavilions, vegetation mats, etc. in places where park conveniences are lacking, such as shade shelters and chairs, so as to provide citizens more rest areas with a variety of attractions.
Ulsan installed a thatch-roofed pavilion near Simni Bamboo Grove, where there had previously been no shade shelter. The thatch-roofed pavilion is made from silver grass and bamboo that grows in the Simni Bamboo Grove on the Taehwagang River, in order to provide visitors and citizens well-shaded places and shade shelters.
Outdated steppingstones (concrete) in Osan Plaza Manhoejeong Pavilion were replaced with eco-friendly paths such as vegetation mats. In addition, the old bamboo fences of the pavilion were all repaired for the safety and convenience of citizens.
This year, Ulsan will manufacture and install additional wooden benches (10 units) by using bamboo growing in the Simni Bamboo Grove. Ulsan will save on budget costs by commissioning artisans from the Taehwagang River management staff to make the benches.
As some citizens have complained of the lack of conveniences such as places to sit in the Osan Plaza, Ulsan will install an additional circular seat under the big tree near the Osan Pond.
In the first half of this year, Ulsan will install a new restroom near the Simni Bamboo Grove Trail, and extend and replace three public restrooms at Meeting Point, Neutinamu Plaza, and the Peony Garden which have a high usage rate by visitors.
Ulsan will keep making efforts to improve the quality of life of citizens, and will strengthen its image as an eco-city by installing more convenience facilities in Taehwagang Grand Park. Ulsan City anticipates that its efforts will contribute to furthering the happiness of citizens.
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