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Taehwagang River’s ecotourism destination: Building the Taehwagang Visitor Center

2018.04.11    12

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Taehwagang River’s ecotourism destination: Building the Taehwagang Visitor Center

On April 3, Ulsan Metropolitan City held a groundbreaking ceremony at the Taehwagang Grand Park, Osan Square, the construction site for the future Taehwagang Visitor Center (part of 667 Taehwa-dong), as they started the construction works.
The Taehwagang Visitor Center is planned to be completed in October 2018 with a total area of 1,985 ㎡, a total construction floor area of 683 ㎡, and a three-story building. A total amount of 3.1 billion KRW have been allocated to this project.
While the first floor comprising an entrance hall and a square will be an open space for visitors, the second floor will include an information desk, exhibition area, and souvenir shop, all of which will be focused on promoting Taehwagang River.
The third floor is planned to be a place for information and convenience facilities for Taehwagang River visitors, equipped with conference rooms, training rooms, and management offices where small meetings and education programs will take place.
After being selected as one of the 20 ecotourism destinations and the top 100 must-go destinations in Korea, Ulsan’s Taehwagang River welcomed 2.5 million of the 7 million visitors in Ulsan last year (Visit Ulsan Year), enjoying the highest popularity among tourist attractions.
Once the Taehwagang Visitor Center opens its doors in October, it will be able to provide professional and systematic guidance to national and international visitors about the ecological superiority of the Taehwagang River as a rehabilitated ecological river. More than that, the center is also expect to play an important part in raising Ulsan’s image as an ecological city.
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