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Adding Color to Taehwagang River with Gardens

2018.04.13    25

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Adding Color to Taehwagang River with Gardens
Ulsan Metropolitan City’s “ULSAN TAEHWAGANG GARDEN SHOW 2018” opening on April 13
Theme: “Taehwagang river’s history, culture, and ecology”
67 gardens and 5 industrial exhibits amongst many more symposiums, exhibitions, performances, etc.
Creating a space for a new garden culture through diverse programs

The ULSAN TAEHWAGANG GARDEN SHOW 2018 will be held on April 13 to help share the grand garden culture of Ulsan in anticipation of the park’s designation as second best garden in South Korea.
The TAEHWAGANG GARDEN SHOW will be held on the theme of “Taehwagang river’s history, culture, and ecology” on the Taehwagang Grand Park Flowering Plant Complex (32,000 ㎡) for 9 days from April 13th to April 21st with the slogan “Adding Color to Taehwagang River with Gardens.”
Diverse programs are awaited for this show such as an opening ceremony, garden-centered shows, shows with citizens, shows for everybody, garden study shows, relaxing shows, and more.
A total of 67 artwork pieces will be on display at the TAEHWAGANG GARDEN SHOW, including gardens from three invited foreign designer artists, one special invited designer artist, 20 national competition winning artists, and 43 student and citizens.
The "Invited Foreign Designer Artists" section will feature three works by world-renowned French landscape architect Catherine Mosbach, Japanese garden virtuoso Ishihara Kazuyuki, and Britain's youngest Chelsea flower show winner Sophie Walker.
The “Special Invited Designer Artist” section will display the piece of An Ji-sung, the winner of the Chaumont-Sur-Loire International Garden Festival 2016 in France.
With 10 show-gardens expressing the history, culture and ecology of Taehwagang River, and 10 message-gardens, a total of 20 design contest-winning art pieces will be on show in the “national competition winning artists” section.
Lastly, you will also be able to find 43 other contest winning art pieces in the “student and citizens” section (23 from students and 20 from ordinary citizens).
Complimenting the gardens, the industrial exhibits will present new products related to the flower, garden and landscape industry from five companies including Design Park.
The 'National Tourism Contest' will be held from April 17 to promote Taehwagang River’s eco tourism resources throughout the country. On this occasion, a “Family Plant Making” event will be held during which families will be able to experience gardening first-hand.
Additionally, garden wedding shoots, stamp tours, flower games, demonstrations of traditional tea, Taehwagang river woodwork experience, bamboo soap making, natural soap making, bamboo cutting, bamboo crafting and garden art experience programs will be prepared.
The Green Music Concerts, great concerts that will entertain and bring together all generations, will take place in the outdoor performance hall of the Simni Bamboo Grove with popular artists such as BtoB, Eddy Kim, Seol Ha-yoon and Jang Jae-in on April 13, and Koyote, Park Sang-chul, Wax and Ssangdungi on April 14.
Other festivities include calligraphy performances, Body Flower Shows, Honor guard performances, performing arts shows, performances of a local arts group, Ulsan crane dance performances, other music concerts (April 20), children's puppet shows, b-boy performances, magic performances and the Taehwagang Rock Festival.
A talk show will be held on the 13 to give the invited foreign artists an opportunity to explain the intention, concept, and design of their pieces. An academic conference will also be hosted on the 15th by the Korea Institute of Garden Design (KIGD) to promote the quality and popularity of the garden show.
Meanwhile, a "Roundtable on Boosting Gardens" is planned on the 18th, in which various participants will share their thoughts on problems related to policies on gardens and the direction they should take, and a Green Forum Symposium will be held on the 18th to explore the socio-economic effects and future responses to the designation of the Taehwagang Park as a national garden.
While Ulsan city has secured parking spaces for more than 3,260 vehicles including on the Namgu-Taehwagang Riverside (1,300 places) and in the Osan Square (50 large bus spaces) for the convenience of visitors, the city also has plans to increase the number of buses on the nearby public transportation routes (Taehwaru – Ulsan Jeil Middle School).
Five food trucks, six restrooms, four photo zones, multiple resting areas, and two drinking fountains will be installed and operated, and an emergency medical center will also be put in place to promptly respond to emergencies such as lost children, lost items, and injuries.
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