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Pushing forward the Large-scale Marine Forest Development Project

2018.04.16    20

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Pushing forward the Large-scale Marine Forest Development Project
Ulsan Metropolitan City is building a large-scale marine forest along the coasts that are suffering from desertification due to global warming and other zones where marine forest development is feasible.
587 million KRW has been allocated to this project as Ulsan constructs a new marine forest of 5ha on the coastal waters of Hwaam, Buk-gu, and takes on efficiency surveys relating to the maintenance and management of the seven current plantations (35ha) in Buk-gu, Dong-gu and Ulju-gun.
The idea of the marine forest project is to first produce the most suitable seaweed to the relevant area and install ecklonia stolonifera, ulva prolifera, and other seaweed transplants that can survive in the city’s sea area, and install food seaweed beds and spore bags to provide spawning grounds, habitats and food organisms for aquatic animals. These marine forests will also incidentally be utilized as an absorbing source of carbon dioxide.
This project is expected to improve the living environment of marine fauna and flora and restore the coastal fishery’s ecosystem which will consequently multiply marine resources and eventually raise the wages of fishermen.
Ulsan has been carrying out marine forest development projects since 2008 to restore coastal ecosystems and fisheries habitats that have been devastated by global warming, investing a total of 5.3 billion KRW into 11 coastal locations (48ha).
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