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「Latin America Contemporary Art Exhibition」 at the Ulsan Culture Art Center

2018.05.14    12

라틴아메리카.jpg Preview

「Latin America Contemporary Art Exhibition」 at the Ulsan Culture Art Center

The Ulsan Culture Art Center will be hosting the 「Latin America Contemporary Art Exhibition」 from May 17th to June 3rd in its 1st Exhibition space, which will be a perfect opportunity to admire the trends of international contemporary art.
This exhibition composed of 75 art works was built around the theme “Latin America’s Contemporary Art Today” with the participation of 27 artists from 10 countries of Central and South America.
From realism to expressionism passing through abstract expressionism, these canvases of all sizes sway between concept and abstract and recreate the passionate Latin culture by mixing the colors of South American countries. These contemporary artists have entered the US and Europe market, demonstrating a borderless world of Latin art, and are now dreaming of becoming a new cultural power.
This exhibition space consists of four spaces that represent the current status of Latin American culture, nature, people, and contemporary art. This opportunity to be able to meet with the vibrant and dynamic colors of Latin American art full of unique regional specialties without having to leave Ulsan is much awaited.
For a more lively exhibition, professional commentators (docent) will be present in the exhibition spaces helping visitors appreciate Latin American art in an easier and more interesting manner through “Exhibition Commentaries” six times per day.
On the occasion of Family’s Month in May, the museum expects many visitors to come enjoy the exhibition and make precious memories together with their family members.
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