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Building the children’s theme park “Daewangbyeorainuri Themepark”

2018.05.16    14

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Building the children’s theme park “Daewangbyeorainuri Themepark

Animation Cinema, VR Experience Room, Creative Playground, and more combined experiential and cultural facilities.
Grand open in July, after a temporary operation
Ulsan Children's Theme Park “Daewangbyeorainuri Themepark” is built with the beautiful green seas of Daewangam Island as a background wrapped in the strong scent of White Coral.
This theme park is a combined experiential and cultural space built for children and families in Daewangam Park (80-163, Deungdae-ro, Dong-gu, Ulsan-si (Ilsan-dong)), with a total investment of 11.4 billion KRW for an area of 21,000 square meters and a total floor area of 2,040 square meters.
It all began with a feasibility study and a basic planning in January 2015, then the city finalized the construction site in July 2015, after which a design award winner was selected in May 2016, followed by the beginning of constructions in April 2017, and finally the theme park was given its official name “Daewangbyeorainuri Themepark” on April 16, 2018.
The park comprises 9 facilities, including an animation cinema, a VR experience room (Jungle rafting, hang gliding, VR attractions, wingsuit flying), digital experiences (shooting bubble pop), a creative playground (sandcraft, blocks, clay art), and more.
The outdoors are also designed into a place for children to develop their creativity and imagination while having fun and experiencing new adventures thanks to a floor playground, a sand playground, a clay playground, a climbing net, a water playground (floor fountain), grass slides, a hill playground, a jumping net, and others.
In order to identify the needs, behaviors, and mentality of children and provide contents that suit their expectations, Ulsan created children's imagination teams and construction advisory committees, each in groups of 30 for a total of 150 children, and their decisions were reflected in the basic plan.
“Daewangbyeorainuri Themepark” will be going through an initial temporary operation period in June, after which it will be officially open to public in July.
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