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Active Promotion of Floating Offshore Wind Farm

2018.07.06    9

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Active Promotion of Floating Offshore Wind Farm
‘Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Test Site Planning’ MOTIE R&D Progress
Job creation through promoting a 2nd KOSHIPA

Ulsan Metropolitan City is actively taking the lead in promoting a floating offshore wind power industry.
Ulsan’s two projects, floating offshore wind power and the related R&D assignment, were selected by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy’s ‘New renewable energy major technology development program.’
As a result, from July 2018 until 2020, Ulsan will be simultaneously carrying out ‘5㎿-class large-scare floating offshore wind farm design technique development’ and ‘200㎿-class floating offshore wind energy test site design technique development’ projects focused on the Ulsan coastal waters around the East Sea gas field.
9.5 billion KRW has been invested towards project funds, 5.9 billion KRW of which was government expenditure.
The ‘5㎿-class floating offshore wind farm design technique development’ plan develops offshore wind power generation systems like wind turbines, floating devices, and electric power interconnection through the participation of 10 businesses and research institutes including Ulsan’s smaller business Ace Engineering, and Hyundai Heavy Industries.
The ‘200㎿-class test site design project’ plans to follow through with area wind quality investigations for proposed sites, an evaluation of the degree of influence on electromagnetic signals, area general planning, etc. through the participation of 8 institutions including Ulsan Technopark and the EWP, and the Korean Register of Shipping.
The government, through last year’s ‘Renewable Energy 3020’ goal, will raise the power of renewable energy development in areas like wind and solar power by 2030 from 7% to 20%, and they announced the plan for the systematic building of a renewable energy development area through the introduction of leading local governments’ planned positioning strategies.
The current installed capacity of wind power is 1.2GW, and the plan is to bring that number up to 17.7GW by the year 2030. Through that same plan, offshore wind energy alone is planned to be raised to 12GW.
Additionally, the newly appointed Mayor of Ulsan is taking a core pledge towards the construction of floating offshore wind farms, and is making their intentions clear that they will raise up the floating offshore wind power industry as the second shipbuilding industry, through the foundation of the current world-renowned Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Association (KOSHIPA).
Investing 1.5 trillion KRW (700 billion KRW in national expenditure, 800 billion KRW in private investment) until the year 2022, they plan on constructing 50 floating offshore wind turbines around the offshore areas of the East Sea gas field, and building marine ranching systems underneath.
Centered with the University of Ulsan from 2016, Ulsan cultivated the foundation of offshore wind energy technological development while propelling forward the development of a pilot 750㎾ floating offshore wind energy plant. In the future, Ulsan plans on raising up the floating wind energy generator manufacturing industry as it’s main industry, through the development of an at least 5㎿-class pilot plant, construction of a large-scale development complex, and the exportation of wind energy generators.
Ulsan has keen conditions for the construction of the floating offshore wind farm.
Floating offshore wind generators need a water depth of at least 40m and a steady annual wind current of 8m/s. The Ulsan offshore area is one of the few areas within Korea that meets these standards, and it will have cause minimal disturbance to citizens in terms of noise or fishing, as the area East Sea gas field is situated 58km off shore.
We are able to utilize the basic techniques of KOSHIPA and Hyundai Heavy Industries for the installation of mooring systems and manufacturing flotation devices. Existing power plant transmission and distribution lines are already constructed, meriting a speedy system connection.
Ulsan has intends to present their floating offshore wind power industry plans at the ‘Offshore Wind Energy Industrialization Plan Forum’ held in June 26 by the Managing the Science and Technology Center in Seoul.
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