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7th popular election vision, ‘Setting Ulsan back on track, together with citizens’

2018.07.09    15

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7th popular election vision, ‘Setting Ulsan back on track, together with citizens’
Ulsan Metropolitan City gave its final confirmation of the 7th popular election civic vision and the 7 civic indices.
The civic vision was decided as ‘setting Ulsan back on track, together with citizens.’
This shows strong intention regarding the ‘regional economy restart,’ part of Ulsan’s biggest confronting issues, as well as the ‘realization of citizen sovereignty,’ as emphasized by Mayor Song Cheol-ho in the last regional elections and at the citizen communication committee proceedings.
Mayor Song’s campaign slogan for the June 13th elections was ‘citizens are the owners.’
Specifically, ‘together with citizens’ embodies the civic core value of citizen sovereignty, meaning they will materialize an open administration through governance led by citizen communication, starting at the base level of administration. It also signifies that they will make a new Ulsan through the reestablishment of values aiming towards ‘inclusive welfare,’ ‘development and conservation balance.’ and more.
‘Setting Ulsan back on track’ means we will appoint Ulsan as the main station of Northern Economic Cooperation, and we will restart the regional economy through the creation of new jobs through business creation enhancement and fostering new businesses, based on the 4th industrial revolution.
On July 2nd, Mayor Song approved the ‘e-People installation plan’ as number 1 priority, which assumes responsibility for the regulation reformation and protection of citizen rights. In the afternoon, he then visited Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., and suggested civic directions starting from his inauguration through a public welfare walk opening a tripartite discussion on job openings.
The 7 civic indices supporting our vision are: ▲ Open Ulsan, where citizens are the owners, ▲ Job creation through the excavation of a new growth engine, ▲ Farsighted, healthy Ulsan, ▲ Welfare Ulsan, taking responsibility for citizens’ lives, ▲ Safe and pleasant city environs, Ulsan, ▲ Captivating culture tourism, Ulsan, and ▲ Together deep respect for labor, Ulsan.
The civic visions and indices will be realized in the next 4 years through the policy and plans pledged by the administration.
After finishing up the pledge fulfillment plan (proposal) by mid-July, Ulsan plans on announcing the plan to the public at the end of September, after deciding on a pledge fulfillment plan through an internal review with the citizen jury system in August.
The visions, functioning as Ulsan administration’s core values from the 7th popular election, are the goals for the next 4 years of administration, and have become the standard for pursuing coherent policies. We will establish an internally stable pledge fulfillment plan and take preemptive actions towards the early securing of the national budget, and bring all of our administrative capabilities to the table in order to best keep our promise to the citizens.
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