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2018 Taehwa River Egret Ecology School

2018.07.11    9

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2018 Taehwa River Egret Ecology School

Ulsan Metropolitan City will be hosting the “2018 Taehwa River Egret Ecology School” from July 27 (Fri) to August 26 (Sun) with an opening ceremony being held at Taehwagang Migratory Bird Park’s maidenhair tree rest area at 5 pm on July 27 (Fri).
Hosted by Ulsan and organized by the Taehwagang Ecotourism Society, the Egret-ecology school will be operated every week over 10 sessions on Saturdays and Sundays (20 people for each session) for students, parents, and citizens. Various events will be offered including a guided ecotour of Taehwagang River, Egret-watching in the migratory bird park and special lectures on ecology with experts on birds, and Egret origami experiences.
Those who wish to participate in the “2018 Taehwa River Egret Ecology School” may apply through Taehwagang Visitor Center “Cafe; yeoul” website ( or call (052-221-5560) before Monday, July 23. The participation is of 10,000 KRW per person.
Ulsan has been running the Egret Ecology School every year since 2009 in order to highlight the preservation value of the Taehwagang Migratory Bird Park, the largest urban Egret habitat in the country, and to promote its excellence.
The upcoming summer break is a great opportunity for elementary, middle, and high school students to come accompanied by their parents to observe and experience the ecological characteristics of the 8,000 Egrets living in the Taehwagang Migratory Bird Park with easy and fun explanations from ecological commentators and bird experts.
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