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Ulsan Metropolitan City Office
Deputy Mayor for Administrative Affairs  
Deputy Mayorfor Economic Affairs  
Spokesman's Office  
Audit & Inspection Office  
Planning & Coordination Office Policy Planning Office  
Budget Office  
Legal Affairs& Statistics Office  
Smart City Office  
Tax Administration Office  
Public Safety Office Safety Policy Division  
Disaster Management Division  
Nuclear &Industrial Safety Division  
Special Judicial Police Division  
Creative Economy Office Creative Economy Division  
Industrial Promotion Division  
Energy Industry Division  
Investment Promotion Division  
Industrial Location Division  
Employment & Economy Bureau Employment Coordination Division  
Business Support Division  
Trade & International Affairs Division  
Agriculture & Livestock Division  
Oceans& Fisheries Division  
Support Bureau
General Affairs Division  
Municipal Administration Division  
Local Community Division  
Human Resources Education Division  
Accounting Division  
Environment & Greenery Bureau Environmental Policy Division  
Environmental Preservation Division  
Sewage Management Division  
Resource Recycling Division  
Greenery& Parks Division  
Welfare & Women Bureau Welfare & Population Policy Division  
Welfare Division for the Senior Citizen & Disabled  
Women, Family & Youth Division  
Health Policy Division  
Food & DrugSafety Division  
Culture, Tourism & Sports Bureau Culture Affairs & Art Division  
Tourism Promotion Division  
Sports Support Division  
Transportation & Construction Bureau Transportation Policy Division  
Bus Policy Division  
Logistics& TaxiDivision  
Road Construction Division  
Urban Creation Bureau UrbanPlanning Division  
Urban Development Division  
Urban Creation Division  
Building& Housing Division  
Land Information Division  
Fire Department Fire Administration Division  
Safety & Rescue Division  
119 Comprehensive Operation Center  
Organizations under Direct Management
Ulsan Institute of Health
and Environment
General Affairs Division  
Public Health Research Section  
Environmental Research Section  
Animal Hygiene Test Lab  
Ulsan Agricultural
Technology Center
Agricultural Support Division  
Technical Guidance Division  
Urban Agriculture Division  
Fire Stations Jungbu Fire Station  
Nambu Fire Station  
Dongbu Fire Station  
Onsan Fire Station  
Waterworks Headquarters Dept. of Management  
Dept. of Water Supply  
Dept. of Facility Management  
Hoeya Water Purification Office  
Cheonsang Water Purification Office  
Water Quality Research Center  
Jungbu Office  
Nambu Office  
Dongbu Office  
Bukbu Office  
Ulju Office  
Comprehensive Construction
Dept. of Management Facilities  
Dept. of Construction  
Culture and Art Center Dept. of Management  
Dept. of Art Business  
Ulsan Museum Planning and Management  
Exhibition and Education  
Relic Investigation Management  
Ulsan Petroglyph Museum of Bangudae  
Ulsan Daegok Museum  
Ulsan Metropolitan Library Operation Support Division  
Data Policy Division  
Information Service Division  
Seoul Headquarters Dept. of Cooperation with Central Organizations  
Dept. of International Cooperation  
Sejong Office  
Ulsan Vehicle Registration Office Vehicle Registration  
Yongyeon Water Quality
Improvement Office
Facility Operation  
Onsan Water Quality
Improvement Office
Facility Operation  
Agricultural and Marine Products Wholesale Market Management Office  
Metropolitan City
Government Employees
Metropolitan City
Subtotal Main Office Council Organizations under Direct Management Offices
2,647 1,147 56 933 511
Government Employees
District Offices
Subtotal Jung-gu Nam-gu Dong-gu Buk-gu Ulju-gun
3,317 615 711 516 562 913
District Offices
Jung-gu Office (44475) 1, Danjanggol-gil, Jung-gu, Ulsan, Korea (Boksan-dong)
Tel.: 82-52-290-3000
Nam-gu Office (44701) 233 Dotjil-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Korea (Dal-dong)
Tel.: 82-52-275-7541
Dong-gu Office (44021) 155 Bongsu-ro, Dong-gu, Ulsan, Korea (Hwajeong-dong)
Tel.: 82-52-209-3000
Buk-gu Office (44248) 1010, Saneop-ro, Buk-gu, Ulsan, Korea (Yeonam-dong)
Tel.: 82-52-241-7000
Ulju-gun Office (44663) 382, Munsu-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Korea
Tel.: 82-52-229-7000