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Gross regional domestic product (GRDP) per capita

  • GRDP per capita,
    highest in Korea at KRW
  • 61,166,000
  • Income per capita,
    highest in Korea at KRW
  • 20,010,000
  • Private consumption expenditure per capital,
    second in Korea at KRW
  • 15,712,000

Total fertility rate, highest among seven special and metropolitan cities at 1.486

National survey of residents’ living satisfaction, third in Korea at 57.3%

Young city

Average age of citizens second lowest in Korea at 38.9(national average: 41.0 years of age)

Elderly population ratio over the age of 65 lowest in Korea at 9.3% (national average: 13.5%)

Brand value of city third among seven major cities in Korea at KRW 73,300,000billion

Average annual salary of workers, highest in Korea

As of April 2016, the average total wage of regular employees working for businesses with five or more regular employees stands at KRW 4,289,000per person.

Housing supply rate, highest among seven capital and metropolitan cities at 106.9%