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Yeongnam Alps

Yeongnam Alps GanwoljaeSilver grass of Sinbulsan Mountain
The magnificent views connecting nature, the sky, and humans, the Yeongnam Alps

At the Yeongnam Alps, tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountains with their peaks extending high to over 1000 meters. The Yeongnam Alps include nine mountains selected as the Top 100 Mountains of South Korea by the Korea Forest Service, including Sinbulsan Mountain, Gajisan Mountain, Jaeyaksan Mountain (including Cheonhwangsan Mountain), and Unmunsan Mountain. Numerous climbers visit the Yeongnam Alps to see beautiful silver grass in the fall.

The Yeongnam Alps were named so because its beautiful views bespeak the nature of the Alps in Europe. The landscape of the Yeongnam Alps is beautiful all year round.

The feast of silver waves, Silver Grass Field of Sinbulsan MountainSilver grass of Ganwoljae
The feast of silver waves, Silver Grass Field of Sinbulsan Mountain

It takes about an hour walk to see the Silver Grass Field. Its wide and magnificent views are known as the best among Korea’s silver grass fields.

One of Korea’s best tourist destinations, “Yeongnam Alps Ganwoljae Pass”

At the Yeongnam Alps, selected as one of Korea’s Top 100 Tourist Destinations, you can enjoy the different views which change with the seasons.

Yeongnam Alps Ganwoljae