This is Ulsan Metropolitan City.
Ulsan is building your future!
Ulsan Free Economic Zone is about the power of Ulsan, and the future of Korea.
Ulsan has been the industrial power house of South Korea in the 20th century.
Now, the Ulsan Free Economic Zone is about to kick off to move forward in the 21st century.
By utilizing the dynamic power of Ulsan as the industrial capital of Korea, we will build a stronger future.
The Ulsan Free Economic Zone, which will be created as a global special economic zone, will set the hydrogen-based energy industry as a focus target business. On top of that, we will create the future of Ulsan and Korean industries by fostering innovative growth industries and creating ecosystems in connection with this.
The Ulsan Free Economic Zone is largely composed of three districts.
First, the hydrogen-based district located in the techno industrial complex will play a major role as an anchor for building a leading hydrogen economy city, by demonstrating the hydrogen industry and integrating R&D facilities.
Electronic Hydrogen Auto Valley, located in the Ewha General Industrial Complex, is a district focusing on the hydrogen automobile parts industry. This complex will attract auto part facilities to form an eco-friendly automobile parts cluster.
The R&D Business Valley, which includes Ulsan Hi-Tech Valley and UNIST, will focus on fuel cell research by taking geographic advantages of the Ulsan station area.
Furthermore, UFEZ will establish the finest investment area by providing business support and ideal settlement conditions that satisfy the global standards.
Ulsan, the energy hub of Northeast Asia, is spearheading the era of hydrogen energy.
Ulsan, Korea's No. 1 hydrogen producer, has the finest infrastructures including 130 km of hydrogen pipelines and 10 hydrogen charging stations.
Also, Ulsan operates demonstration centers for hydrogen fuel cells: the city will build an innovative ecosystem by supporting various policies such as incentives and deregulation acts so that our hydrogen production capacity will become highly competitive.
Ulsan will continue to take responsibility for the the Korean hydrogen industry by promoting the 10-point agenda as well as four major projects to lay the foundation for the hydrogen R&D service industry.
Ulsan Free Economic Zone goes beyond development and investment promotion.
We will help promising companies to grow stronger, take a lead role for the R&D while training more professionals.
To this end, the Ulsan Free Economic Zone will work with you.
With the hydrogen industry, Ulsan is building the future of Korea while moving forward as an energy hub in Northeast Asia.
We are taking a lead role for building floating offshore wind power and developing nuculear decommissioning technologies.
The power of Ulsan, the future of Korea, Ulsan Free Economic Zone