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2023 Semi Art Community Project: Boogie Woogie Art Museum

Period 8 Jun - 3 Sep, 2023
Location Gallery 1, 2
Number of Artists 58 Artists(Team) from eight countries
Organized by/Supported by Ulsan Art Museum

Ulsan Art Museum (UAM), aiming a futuristic art museum’, is willing to become a platform for people who voluntarily create, interact with others, and practice arts in daily life by crossing boundaries of each domain. This exhibition, the sequel to the exhibition of the same title held last year by UAM, is also gathering diverse disciplines, genres, generations and countries.

This time, particularly, eight curators are invited with various cultural backgrounds to unfold their curatorial ideals for the exhibition. A growing number of curators are appearing in each area. The difference from the past is that they have broad and deep roles in various ways inside and outside of contemporary arts. Today curators are standing at the vanguard of a huge cultural movement, which embraces subculture and mass culture over the boundaries of long-time-sacred contemporary arts.

The eight curators participating in this exhibition are creating one loose community by gathering up artworks including paintings, designs, sound arts, drawings, moving images, sculptures, metaverses, photographs, fake documentaries, wall paintings, and performances. In this community, the hierarchical structure, which segregates ‑ne arts and subcultures oppositely, is dismantled, and a scene appears for sharing and horizontal fusion of arts. This exhibition will invite you to an art museum of public and common that breaks down the power and authority of aesthetically sacred art museum.

Curator: Pil Joo Jung +82 52 229 8425

Main Work