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Out Commitment

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Out Commitment


A futuristic convergence museum based on the 21st-century technology



Build a futuristic art museum that leads a new era in the 21st century
  • Propose a vision of a futuristic museum that addresses the changes in the 21st century
  • Establish an innovative foundation for operation that meets the needs for diversity, globality, convergence, and experimentation
  • Establish an identity that focuses upon digital media arts


Information-oriented research museum based on digital arts archive
  • Establish a technological foundation for research, preservation, restoration and digitization of artworks
  • Endless creation of new arts and arguments based on technology in the digital era
  • Lay the foundation for distributing international arts information by establishing a digital arts archive platform


A museum that promotes globalization of ecology, technology and local culture
  • Start an international discourse on the regional and global ecology and technology (Eco+Tech) agenda
  • Expand the space by utilizing the government offices and private lands, and highlight the East Asian culture and the historic significance of the region


An open museum where experts and non-experts exchange and converge
  • Foster future citizens with cultural knowledge and cultural taste
  • Promote creative fusion and convergence education where experts and non-experts interact and work together
  • Build a network connecting multidisciplinary experts using open innovation and multi-intelligence