ulsan art museum

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Visitor Guide

VisitVisitor Guide


Visitor Guide

Opening hours


Public holidays [New Year, Lunar New Year, Korean Thanksgiving day, and Mondays. If Monday is a public holiday, the museum will be closed on the following day.]

Temporary closure to be announced separately (e.g., replacement of exhibits).




People who are eligible for free admission

Guided tour

Guided tour
Category Operating hours Duration
Weekdays (from Tuesday to Friday) / Public holidays 2 pm Appx. 40 minutes
(depends on the number of exhibits)
Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) 2 pm, 4 pm
Service available Throughout the year (except for Lunar New Year, Korean Thanksgiving day)

 The guided tour is subject to change. Please check further information on the website or contact us via telephone.

 For group reservations, please apply in advance via our website (telephone applications are not accepted).

Museum etiquette

  • Please walk quietly

    As you walk slowly, appreciating the artworks, the artworks may sometimes start a conversation with you. Look straight at them, open your heart, and listen to their stories.

  • Enjoy the artworks with your eyes, not the hands

    Every piece of artwork is sensitive to temperature and humidity. Touching them with your hands can tear or break them. Please enjoy the artworks with your eyes so that more people can appreciate them for a long time.

  • Take a step back to appreciate the artworks

    Standing too close to the artworks can harm the artworks or interrupt others who are appreciating them. Don’t forget to keep your distance with the person in front of you to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience.

  • Camera flash may damage the artworks

    If you use camera flash inside the hall, it can irritate the eyes of other people. The emission of intense light also damages the artworks.

  • Switch your mobile phone to silent mode

    Your mobile phone may ring to break the silence and startle other guests. If you are expecting an urgent call, please put your phone to silent mode or pick up the call outside the exhibition hall. 

  • Do not let go of your child’s hand

    Children are easily tempted to run around the spacious exhibition hall, but they may get hurt as they run. Please hold tight the hands of children and teach them how to appreciate artworks while walking slowly.

  • Be considerate of people with disability

    Persons with disability and pregnant women need your consideration when appreciating the artworks. Please take your time and be patient with them.

  • Leave your food behind

    Please use your rich visual sensors, not taste sensors when appreciating the artworks. A rich repository of colors and beautiful lines will make your mind full enough.

  • Leave your umbrella with us for your convenience

    When water drips from your umbrella, teardrops drip from the artworks. Please leave your umbrellas in the Coat Room, and enjoy the exhibition in a comfortable manner.

  • Whisper when you want to speak

    If you want to share your thoughts with the person next to you, please do so in a quiet manner. Someone may be having a conversation with the artworks.

  • Ask anything you want

    You deserve to wonder: “What is this artwork about?” or, “What does this mean?” That’s why our curator is here to answer your questions. Feel free to ask anything.