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ABOUT USGreeting




I am Hong-Ki Chae,
the Director of Ulsan Art Museum.

Responding to the needs of Ulsan citizens, the Ulsan Metropolitan City has been constructed the Ulsan Art Museum to create opportunities for promoting the local culture and enjoying the culture and arts.
The Ulsan Art Museum is the space of participation and experience where everyone can share experimental and create arts.

The digital technological revolution is changing current social order and system as well as our thoughts and values.
In line with the changing environment, the Ulsan Art Museum aims to become a futuristic art museum that researches, collects and exhibits works of art based on digital media.

The Ulsan Art Museum will be open that encompasses various audiences and cultures, and interacts with experts across all disciplines, thereby overcoming academic boundaries.
The museum will also provide opportunities for everyone —— from children to adults — to think creatively and be inspired artistically.

Together with local artists, we will grow together. Furthermore, we will become a platform that informs the world of its charm, cultural values and ecological environment.
The Ulsan Art Museum will be a museum that reads into the past, interrogates the present, and captures the future with the spirit of experimentation and creativity. Please look forward to it.

Thank you.