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Copyright Carsten Nicolai, 2014 courtesy Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig/Berlin and Pace Gallery Photo: Julija Stankeviciene






Semi Art Community Project: Boogie Woogie Art Museum

Period 28 April - 5 May 2022
Location Gallery 1, 2
Number of Artists
Organized by/Supported by


Semi-Art Community Project: Boogie Woogie Art Museum is an experimental project aiming to practice art in everyday life, deviating from the complete form of exhibition suggesting professional artists' works unidirectionally. Eighty-five groups and individuals with diverse disciplines, genres, and generations create a scene of convergence and intersection for eight days at Ulsan Art Museum.

Through this exhibition, participants cognize differences of each other and form a somewhat loose 'Semi' Art Community respecting individuality. Participants with various fields of art, literature, music, performance, science, industry, and start-up mutually interchange while transcending boundaries through individual artistic creation as a medium. The artistic creations of this exhibition do not only perform a role as a spectacle but become a bridge connecting creators and visitors for multi-directional communication.

Through 'forming a cultural relationship' which triggers spontaneous artistic actions, it will provide a brand new excitement to visitors like an exciting rhythm of Boogie Woogie Jazz(*A genre of blues music that became popular during 1920-30 in America, commonly plays eight beats in one bar). This project, presenting a cheerful pleasure in everyday life like a jazz rhythm full of aspiration of liberty, will be waiting for you to join. And, Ulsan Art Museum willingly becomes a field of communication for this.

Shall we dance? 

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