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Italia Tour Film Festival : From Civitavecchia to Ulsan

Period 2023. 12. 20. ~ 12.24. / 2PM
Location Auditorium
Artist Claudio Rossi Massimi ect.
Number of works 39
Participation fee 1000 won(Ulsan Citizen: 500 won) / Free: Under 19 and seniors

No required(Free Admission)

Civitavecchia is known as the maritime trade center and gateway port of the Roman Empire from 2,000 years ago, now serving as a departure point for travel to Rome and central Italy. Leveraging its regional, historical, and cultural characteristics, Civitavecchia annually hosts the International Tour Film Festival with a 'travel' theme. The ITFF, now in its 12th edition, receives submissions of over 3,000 films from more than 110 countries each year.

The Ulsan Art Museum introduces a selection of 39 films, including feature films, short films, documentaries, and animations, chosen by ITFF. In December 2023, embark on a journey spanning 2,000 years from the ancient port city of Civitavecchia in the Roman Empire to the modern industrial departure point of Ulsan.

Main Work