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Urban eco parks that heal you

Ulsan Metropolitan City has the largest number of urban forests among the seven major cities of Korea

Ulsan constructed urban eco parks downtown to improve the quality of life so that Ulsan citizens can heal themselves with nature in their busy daily lives.

  • An urban rest area, Ulsan Grand Park

    Ulsan Grand Park, an urban rest area: Ulsan Grand Park, which is the largest natural eco-park in Korea, occupies a large area of 3,710,000 m2. It offers a relaxing space for citizens to enjoy nature under the theme of nature, cleanliness and comfort. In particular, it hosts tulip and rose festivals in spring, operates autumn exhibitions, and winter light festivals.

  • Heal yourself with anions in Taehwagang Simni Bamboo Grove

    Ulsan’s Simni Bamboo Grove on Taehwagang River — a windy place for healing: This bamboo grove is formed on both sides of Taehwagang between Ulsan Daeehwagyo and Samhogyo, crossing Taehwagang Grand Park. It is Ulsan's representative tourist site that was selected as one of Korea's 100 favorite tourist sites for three consecutive years since 2017.

    It is expanding from Myeongchongyo to Seongnamsa to construct it as Taehwagang Baengnidae Forest.

  • The Romans of late fall, Ulsan Munsu Sports Park

    Sports park with a total area of 912,310㎡ harmonized with forests

  • The ecological path of Ulsan, Seonam Lake Park in Solmaru Road

    Park constructed with Seonam Dam as the center was opened on January 30, 2007. It consists of walkways, ecological spots, and sports facilities.

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