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Convenient neighborhood facilities

Ulsan Metropolitan City has been improving residential environment by installing more neighborhood facilities such as educational institutions, shopping malls, and cultural facilities. In addition, Ulsan is growing as an eco-friendly city and an excellent city to live.

The innovation city of Ulsan with eco-friendly energy policy.

The future city of Ulsan has high levels of a residential environment based on public organizations and cooperation between industries, universities, research facilities, and the government.

Ulsan innovation city, a futuristic new growth engine and regional hub

Ulsan is seeking the creation of a new growth engine for local development by constructing clusters related to public institutions that have moved to the region, as well as to regional strategic industries.

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Convenient Neighborhood Facilities
Location Members of Woojeong-dong, Janghyeon-dong, etc. in Jung-gu, Ulsan Metropolitan City
Area 2,984,000㎡
Organizations moved in Korea National Oil Corporation, Korea East·West Power Co., Ltd., Korea Energy Economics Institute, the Customer Center of the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the Korea Workers' Compensation and Welfare Service, the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency, Human Resources Development Service of Korea, National Disaster Management Research Institute, the driver’s licence department of the Korea ROAD Traffic Authority, Korea Energy Agency
(44675) 201, Jungang-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Korea (Sinjeong-dong)Tel. +82-52-120

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