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Ulsan is a dynamic city leading the economic growth of Northeast Asia in the 21st century.

A strategic hub city of Northeast Asia

Ulsan is a metropolitan city located on the southeastern coast of Korea with a population of 1.15 million, GRDP of KRW 65.352 million per capita, and land area of 1,062㎢.

Ulsan's geographical features connecting the land and the sea make it easier for the city to enter overseas markets. As major international cities, such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Osaka, can be reached within two hours of flight, Ulsan suggests outstanding conditions both geographically and strategically.

Ulsan, the industrial capital of Korea

Ulsan is one of four industrial cities in Asia that produces 12.1% of industrial output and exports products accounting for USD 56 billion.

Automobile, shipbuilding and petrochemical industries form the biggest industrial cluster in the country, and Ulsan ranks no. 1 in the petrochemical industry when it comes to production amount and no. 2 in the automobile and shipbuilding industries. As such, Ulsan proposes its solid position as the growth engine of Korean economy.

The eco-friendly city of Ulsan

Ulsan boasts beautiful mountains, clean rivers, and deep blue seas

Ulsan has been growing as an eco-friendly city and balancing development and environmental preservation for the past 40 years in order to maintain its beautiful nature and pleasant urban environment.

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